Phase II: Information Architecture

Phase two involves detailing the content and overall organization of the web site. At this phase a site design specification is formulated defining:

  • Existing web content if our client is already online
  • New content requirements
  • Organizational structure for the new web site

Upon completion of the site design specification small prototypes of the site are constructed, based upon various style sheet designs, to convey an idea to our client of what their finial web site will look like. These prototypes are essential for the initial testing of the site's overall navigation and for the development of the site's user interface.

Also defined during phase two is the technical support specification, which will detail:

  • Browser and operating system requirements
  • Network bandwidths of typical site users
  • Dynamic HTML and advanced feature requirements involving Java script, CGI scripting and third party browser plug-ins such as Flash
  • Special security features for online payment transactions
  • Programming proposals and database support. For example, password access for users accessing sensitive data and database search and retrieval facilities
  • Web server support

Deliverables at the end of phase two will include:

  • Site design specification
  • Description of site content
  • Technical support specification
  • Programming proposals to support specific pages of the site
  • Site prototypes and user interface design sketches
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