eCommerce is changing the way people do business. From big corporations to cottage industries, businesses are going online, opening up their products and service offerings to new groups of people worldwide. There are many ways to get your products and services online, from simple brochure sites to high-end database driven, data-capture and online credit card verification solutions. We aim to cater to all of our clients needs and give our clients access to all that the web can offer their businesses.

A well-designed and implemented eCommerce solution needs to:

  • Organise the goods and services you offer into an easy to navigate, logical structure
  • Give your target market confidence in the purchase process you provide for them
  • Provide a sense of accountability to your customers
  • Provide online credit card processing as well as traditional hard copy processing
  • Provide a secure environment in which your customers can do business with you
  • Present your company in the best possible light

Our eCommerce solution packages are designed to integrate online databases with shopping carts and secure servers for processing credit card transactions. We are perfectly placed to cater for the specific needs of your organisation.

Our capabilities extend to providing you with the entire online environment:

  • Setting up your secure server environment and programming your order forms
  • Setting up and maintaining your databases
  • Integrating your databases with shopping cart functionality
  • Real-time processing of credit card transactions for the purchases your customers make
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