Internet Marketing

Do you wish that your website was generating more business or enquiries? It's very possible that it could do if you increase the chances of its visibility on the web to your target customers.

As you may already be aware, Canada Web Center can offer you a wide range of online marketing services to help your website increase its traffic, whether through search engine rankings, advertising, links or eMail marketing activity.

Regardless of whether your budget is $100 or $10,000, we can provide you with a marketing proposal to boost the activity on your site and make the most of your online presence.

For example, you could consider:

Pay-per-click advertising achieve top listings on the main search engines by bidding on selected keywords. You only pay when a user visits your site and this technique can be ideal for small budgets, short-term campaigns, testing different search terms, or just increasing the number of targeted visits to your site. We can prepare a costed estimate for this activity and then offer a professional setup and management services for a small monthly fee.

Search engine optimization for longer term traffic generation, making your website more effective through high rankings on the main search engines is an ideal solution. We can help to target the best terms, optimize your site for better ranking opportunities, submit and track performance each month. Our fees will be based on the terms and regional markets you want to target, but contact us now for more details.

Building links identifying valuable sites where your website could be linked from can help your search engine rankings as well as creating traffic from new sources. Let us do the work for you and increase the number of places where your website is listed and linked from.

Affiliate marketing if you run an eCommerce site, you can devote a percentage of your revenue to affiliates. These are other websites that will drive traffic and sales to your site, in return for a small fee. We can help to identify your opportunities and then set up and run an affiliate campaign for you, if appropriate.

eMail marketing if you're collecting eMail details from customers or visitors to your site, are you making the most of these to generate return visits? We can advise you on producing effective eMail marketing activity to create more business from your website.

Directory listings - focus on listing websites by individual topics or categories. There is a cost involved in being registered with a directory, but you can equate getting listed in the most important directories the same way it used to be imperative to get listed in the Yellow Pages.

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