Canada Web Center has developed an in-house methodology for the conception, design and publication of its web sites. We feel that too many web sites are constructed by individuals in an ad hoc and inconsistent manner, in isolation from their clients, without fully understanding the clients' requirements and objectives.

By following a formalized methodology and by integrating our clients into the design process, we can ensure that the end product is delivered to the client as expected.

Furthermore, we believe that by following basic design principles and a systematic approach to web design project schedule deadlines can be more easily met and product quality can be more readily assured.

Our web design methodology can be summarized as follows:

  • Definition and planning
  • Information architecture
  • Site design
  • Construction
  • Marketing and positioning
  • Delivery, review and follow up
  • Tracking, evaluation and maintenance

Each of the above phases is further broken down into its constituent parts. An explanation of each phase and its composing parts is provided in the subsequent pages. Click on a button in the left to view information on it.

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