Multimedia CD Authoring

When you need to make a “Wow” impression, nothing beats Canada Web Center's Interactive multimedia. The key is audience participation. A mix of graphics, sound, animation, video and text rivets your customer's attention and stimulates the learning process.
By holding their interest longer, your key messages are communicated more effectively.

  • Excite Your Prospects
  • Project a “Cutting Edge” Image
  • Improve Retention
  • Communicate More Persuasively

Our world-class design team enjoys nothing more than exceeding client expectations and, therefore, initiates each project with three clear objectives:

1. Maximize Marketing Potential. Canada Web Center make certain our clients deliver rich and dynamic content to end-users. What was once just a typical brochure becomes a captivating, interactive experience, which may include:

  • Full-motion, high-quality video
  • Vibrant graphic design
  • Sound and animation
  • Viewer participation

2. Extreme Ease of Use. A user-friendly interface helps clients navigate through your information and is supplemented by an "autostart" feature, which opens the CD automatically.

3. Superior Value. Not only are our prices the best in the industry, we archive all CD projects so updates can be made quickly and inexpensively.
By our design, companies everywhere have discovered a new and dynamic vehicle for their message, transforming typical marketing material into hi-tech, interactive, multimedia presentations—and you can too!

Popular uses for Canada Web Center's Interactive multimedia Include:

  • Business Presentations
  • Self-Running Interactive Programs
  • Interactive Kiosks
  • Laptop Sales Presentations
  • Trade Show Presentations
  • Product Tutorials
  • Product Launches
  • Computer Based Training Tools
  • Self-Running Slide Shows
  • Enhanced Music CD's

User Interface
A multimedia CD-ROM created by Canada Web Center opens automatically when placed into the CD-ROM drive. A dynamic introduction may be included, which demonstrates the capabilities of the company via video and/or animation. After the short intro, a user-friendly, graphically engaging interface displays the CD's contents with buttons (links) to the various sections, demonstrations, videos, product descriptions, contact information and downloadable brochures in PDF.

Graphic Design
The primary ingredient in a Canada Web Center CD is the vibrant animation and graphic design. We will design and build an original layout for your application. We also welcome the opportunity to work closely with your company's graphic design department.

Full Motion Video
Unlike Internet video, CD-ROM video can play full screen with full motion and stereo sound. Talking points, graphs, charts and other illustrations can be timed to accompany your video at precisely the right moment within the presentation. The space available for your material is virtually unlimited on a CD. Your disk can hold thousands of informational pages and more than one hour of video. We can also create menus for your video so the user can jump to pertinent sections of the presentation.

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