Phase I: Definition and Planning

Phase one involves identifying project goals and site objectives and defines project scope and site content.

Great emphasis is placed on this initial phase because, as a web site promotes a very public image of a company, it is essential to draw a clear picture of the current company situation regarding its client type, the nature of the business, its business functions, its products and services, its local and global markets and its future development plans.

A thorough understanding of the company will be required to provide an overview of the company’s current problem area, its objectives and goals for the new system. It will also give the rest of the project a solid foundation to work from.

With regard to project objectives, many companies will develop websites to simply display their company literature and brochures. While this is a far more effective method of communicating with customers than using purely paper-based documentation, the Internet has far more to offer. The Internet is a sophisticated business and marketing tool and should be viewed as such by companies that wish to promote themselves on-line. By helping our clients to grasp and exploit the opportunities that the Internet has to offer we can, at Canada Web Center, assist in ensuring every future success for them.

Another essential element during this phase involves defining the target audience. This will entail identifying those people who will access, read and interact with the site. By determining the type of visitor that the web site will attract we can develop content to specifically meet visitors’ needs and expectations.

At the end of phase one a report detailing preliminary ideas for the development of our client’s site will be drawn. Included within this report will also be details appertaining to project costs and project development timescales.

Areas covered during phase one are summarized below:

  • Company situation
  • Corporate logo
  • Channels of sales
  • Client type
  • Type of business
  • Brand image
  • Project goals and objectives
  • Business functions
  • Future development plans
  • Project scope
  • Products and suppliers
  • Business methods and procedures
  • Site content
  • Local and global markets
  • Defining project functionality
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