Trade Show Presentation

Exhibiting at a trade show is one of the best ways to get in front of a large number of customers and prospects in a short period of time. Trade shows give you the opportunity to demonstrate your products and explain your services face-to-face, allowing you to make more sales and create that all important first impression. A recent study confirmed that trade shows can be even more effective than on-site visits from your sales reps.

According to Simmons Market Research, 91% of trade show attendees ranked trade show presentations to be an "extremely useful" source of product purchasing information. And, nearly half of the respondents had purchased products or services at a trade show.

With all the time and money your company has invested to exhibit at a trade show, you don't want to leave anything to chance. Now, you can leverage the power of multimedia to draw attention to your booth and make the perfect presentation every time. With dynamic computer animation, rich stereo sound and eye-catching graphics, Canada Web Center's Multimedia Trade Show Presentations will help get the most from your trade show investment.

How Multimedia Can Maximize Your Trade Show Results

Now that you have secured exhibit space, use Canada Web Center's Multimedia Trade Show Presentations to:

Visually reinforce your speaker with high-impact graphics and animation projected on large screens.

Get your audience revved up and ready with 30 to 60 second show opening presentations.

Stop visitors from walking past your booth with looping presentations on pedestals, kiosks or tables that reach out into high traffic areas and bring prospects in.

Provide in-depth information tailored to each prospect's needs with an interactive presentation, which allows users to get more information about the specific aspects of your products or services that interest them most.

Give your audience something to think about at the close of your presentation with a memorable 30 to 60 second multimedia finale.

Send them away with a CD-ROM containing your web site and/or multimedia presentation that provides more value and a much longer shelf life then paper brochures or other branded premiums.

Ensure a consistent sales pitch and reduce the possibility of misunderstandings, with product demonstration tools for your employees and trade show technicians.

Multimedia Presentations - System Requirements

While we have developed multimedia presentations that run on laptops, we recommend you run your Canada Web Center Multimedia Trade Show Presentations from a desktop system. Desktop systems provide optimal performance due to their increased data transfer rates, and are better designed to handle graphically-intense presentations. Depending on how your presentation will be delivered to the audience, it may be completely self-contained, requiring no additional plug-ins.

What would you like to communicate at your next trade show, convention or event?

Contact us today to learn how Canada Web Center can create easy-to-use multimedia presentations that make you stand out from the crowd.

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