Phase III: Site Design

During phase three, page and overall graphic designs are constructed and approved. Illustrations, audiovisual and photography is also created and commissioned.

Techniques such as Rapid Aid Development (RAD) will be employed to create further prototypes of our client's new site and uploaded to our server for their review. Any required modifications to the design can be easily implemented until a final version is approved. The site's textual content is also gathered and organised during this phase.

The objective of phase three will be to create all content components and to complete programming requirements so that the actual construction of the web site can begin during phase four.

Deliverables at the end of phase three will include:

  • Interface design approved
  • All graphics designed and ready for site construction including navigation bars, buttons, logos, backgrounds, images, photos and illustrations
  • Java scripting, Java applets and database functionality programmed and tested
  • Search engine designed and tested
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